Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stella Beer & Tacos Cake

This cake was specially made for one of my best friend's 30th.  I wanted a unique cake that represented some of her favorite things.  With suggestions and help from our other friends, we thought that beer and tacos would be perfect!  The expression on her face when she saw the cake was priceless!  She was absolutely in love with the cake!

Stella Artois is her favorite beer.  The bottle is hand carved and shaped into a bottle.  It is almond cake and is filled with chocolate ganache and sliced almonds.  The cake is coated with chocolate frosting and is covered with green fondant.

One of her favorite fast food is Taco Bell and she loves tacos.  They are made with Rice Krispies Treats.  I used chocolate frosting to cover the Rice Krispies to imitate the ground beef.  The sour cream is buttercream frosting and the cheese and lettuce are fondant.  I didn't put any tomatoes on the tacos because she doesn't eat tomatoes.  The taco wrappers were from Taco Bell.  Sent the dear husband on a mission to get me a couple and they kindly gave him a few.  

Close up on some of the details.  The Stella logos are edible prints.  I used edible markers for the birthday message and the black specks on the taco shells.  The gold lines are hand painted using luster dust.

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